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Continued Creativity in Quarantine

Now we are over a month into lockdown and I have settled well into my new routine. This means I am able to keep up my motivation and productivity. To an extent, things are quite similar to what they would have been for my uni life in April (not much else happening except drawing and painting) but of course not seeing fellow artists in Gray's is the most noticeable change.

The art world is quickly adapting to the new online virtual way of viewing and sharing work. Instagram has always been useful for sharing the work I am creating, but now more than ever. I think it is very important to continue to share what I am making as much as possible, and I have enjoyed finding new platforms to follow and learn from. There are lots of accounts set up to share artists work during quarantine, which have been great. I particularly enjoy being able to see the work of other final year students across the country, which would normally be quite difficult to find.

Galleries and museums have also quickly set up online viewing platforms, tours and workshops. At the beginning of the month I was delighted to share that my work had been selected for the 194th RSA Annual Exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy. Of course this exhibition is all online, for the first time ever. My drawing 'The Smuggler's Hoard, Bohea Lapsang', sits amongst many incredible well established and upcoming artists, including my tutors from Gray's School of Art. The website allows you to view the pieces of work 'on the wall', which I think is so simple but effective. Exploring through the website was very uplifting and I am honoured to be part of it all.

You can access the website through this link:

Art schools are also following in the new direction, with the possiblity of online Degree Shows, replacing the usual end of term Show. Of course, it is dissappointing not to have the real experince, but there is not much that can be done in a pandemic. I am grateful for the way my university is adapting to the situation and coming up with the best possible solution. I hope that our Painting class will be able to show our work for real life in the future, as an alternative for the Degree Show.

Until next month, stay safe and thank you for reading.

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