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Drawing with Thread

September has been a really good month, settling into my new jobs and volunteering roles. I am absolutely loving my new studio set up and being involved in all of the classes at the school. This has also been the month of Wells Contemporary Art Exhibition which finished this week. It has been such a privilege to have been part of the show alongside some amazing artists and I invite you to view it virtually, if not done so already!

Wells Art Contemporary Exhibition 2021 (virtual view)

Being Artist in Residence at GWC has also brought an exciting opportunity of working alongside Lara Bauchop, the Designer in Residence. We have decided to initiate our own collaboration project which is titled 'Drawing with Thread'. Combining both of our practices, and responding in unique ways to our material, we are starting to develop some really interesting ideas and avenues for the project to evolve. Lara is a Costume Designer, bringing incredible skills and expertise of working with form, fabric, textiles and design to the table. These elements are usually out of my comfort zone, so it is really exciting to respond in new ways, learn and be inspired from Lara and her practice.

Drawing with Ink

I am looking forward to seeing where the project will develop - particularly with the new organic 3 dimensional forms emerging.

Manipulating the Traced lines into 3D forms

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