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February Newsletter

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

The excitement of this month is that Tatha Gallery, based in Newport launched their first exhibition of the year, The Graduates; Four Pillars, which I am delighted to have my work shown in. Selected from the 2020 Degree Shows, 12 graduates, have been brought together to make a showcase of artwork spanning painting, drawing, printmaking, textiles sculpture and ceramics. Albeit a virtual viewing, with a virtual opening, the exhibition looks fantastic through the platforms that Tatha Gallery have put together.

The exhibition can be viewed through a virtual walk through which allows you to go close up to the work, find your way around the bright open gallery space and appreciate the variety of work on display. There is also a video which can be viewed by the link below which takes you through the space allowing you to sit back and enjoy!

In other news, Gray's 2021 graduates have just released their Pre-Degree Show online which looks fantastic. Please check it out and give the new upcoming graduates some support!

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