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New Narratives

This month seems to have had lots of different things happening , so I am going to give a quick summary of exhibitions I have seen, the work I have been making and my involvement in the teaching at Leith School of Art.

Leith Mural Light Up & Animation

At the beginning of the month, I went to LeithLate show where Tim Chalk and Paul Grime’s mural from 1986 depicting Leith's rich and varied social history was lit up and animated. Double-Take Projections artistically re-imagined the mural through light projections using the artists' original artworks, adding beautiful animations and a bespoke soundscape. It completely transformed the original mural and drew attention to the history of Leith which is an area I am just getting to know!

It was fantastic to see the 'Janet' exhibition by Caroline Walker at the The Ingleby Gallery earlier in the month. The paintings portray narratives of the artist's mother carrying out domestic jobs around her house, snapshotted from unique perspectives as if we are peering in on her daily life.

Ltd Ink Corporation

It was also exciting to discover a new gallery space in the area - Ltd Ink Corporation where I attended the opening of Inexhaustible Well by Thomas Adam, Fran Gordon, Gabriele Jogalaite and Matthew Wilson.

I have been busy making lots of drawings in the studio and working on some new pieces for the RSA New Contemporaries exhibition next year. As well as making work in the studio, this month I have had the opportunity to assist with the tutoring on the painting course at Leith School of Art. With their project being a 'sense of place', it seemed the perfect time for me to get involved and I have learnt so much from the other tutors about planning, leading and organising the lessons and had a great time working with the students.

I have also been on a small research trip to Killin to get some more inspiration (image above is me sketching in the area)!

Thanks for reading!


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