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The Beginning of a New Chapter

This blog post comes slightly into the new month due to my time over the past few weeks being focused on finishing my BA (Hons) Painting Degree submission. Yesterday was that monumental day, when 4 years of Art School finally came to an end. It was anti-climatic to say the least, with it ending by only a click of a 'submit' button on a laptop in an isolated office. However, in that moment, memories of my time at Gray's School of Art flooded my mind, along with thoughts to the rest of my Painting class. I am proud of what I have achieved, what we have all achieved- particularly during these times. Therefore, the climatic buzz that I was possibly seeking, came instead through relief, rapture and reflection.

It is important to take this moment to acknowledge the amazing encouragement from my family and friends throughout my Degree and on my artistic journey. I am also extremely grateful for the endless support that the staff within the Painting Department at Gray's School of Art have given to us throughout the years but especially during this time.

I look forward to sharing my work in the new Gray's Virtual Degree Show which goes live on the 10th of July.

Although my portfolio for fourth year is finished, and my time spent in a Gray's studio has come to an end (and earlier than expected), this is only the beginning.

I am excited to continue to develop my professional practice as an artist, challenging myself in new directions and hope to have an impact on influencing the way we value creativity in our education.

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