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The Silence of the City

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

San Marco Basilica

I want to use this blog to update you on my first week of a month living and working in Venice. I was selected to represent Scotland+Venice and Charlotte Prodger at the 58th Venice Biennale (the most prestigious contemporary art festival in the world). It has always been my dream to return to Venice (after being here for a day very briefly in 2014) and I was so grateful to have been given the incredible opportunity in coming back.

It has been an amazing week- I have settled into the way of work and the venue is in an absolutely stunning location. Staring out from our desk across the water, watching people go by in their boats is a regular occurrence. I have seen plenty of museums and galleries, including some of the Biennale Collateral Events which have all been impressive in their own unique way. But I want to write mostly about today’s morning adventure.

I got up at 5am, so that I could explore the city, tourist free. This was a surreal experience. Walking through the streets was quite eerie as there was no one else about, not even the bin men who are usually rushing up and down the alleyways with their trollies. The best part was reaching St Mark’s Square, and it being still. There were 2 bride and grooms having photoshoots, one man sweeping the ground (with an old broom), apart from them, pigeons were the only other company. I sat down in the Square, which is apparently illegal during the day. I then continued to the Bridge of Sighs where it was actually possible to walk over for once!! Sitting at the edge of the water looking out across to La Guideccca was beautiful, with morning light gleaming across the water. A large Cruise Ship was towed down the channel , a controversial topic of Venice at the moment. Crossing the Rialto Bridge was an ease- and I managed to get a photograph with no one else in the picture!

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