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Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Andiamo meaning 'Let's Go' is quite a fitting word to describe the past month and all of the events taking place.

I mentioned in the previous blog that there were quite a few exhibitions on at the moment which I am delighted to have my work featuring. Two new exhibitions opened this month which are; The Winter Exhibition at GreenGallery in Buchlyvie and Presence at Tatha Gallery in Newport-on-Tay. Both exhibitions continue until the 24th December. It was great to visit the Tatha Gallery to see the show which has a variety of artists exhibiting. I was hoping to visit the gallery back in February when I was exhibiting with them in the Graduate Show Four Pillars, which inevitably had to be shown online only. However, it was worth the wait - and what a beautiful space it is!

My Paintings in the Tatha Gallery

The Society of Scottish Artists exhibition continued throughout November at the Royal Scottish Academy. I took the initiative to organise and plan school trips to the RSA for pupils to visit a contemporary exhibition and reflect on the work of artists to enhance their own learning and expression. I believe it is very important that students have opportunities to engage with art in real life to deepen their understanding of culture in Scotland and the wider world.

George Watson's Pupils visiting RSA

In addition to exhibitions, I had the exciting opportunity to design a Christmas Window for the fashion store Andiamo. I decided to go for a classy snow scene which complimented the clothing in store. I was really delighted with the result and would definitely consider further commission opportunities like these.

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