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Capturing Colinton

Today marks the final day of my solo exhibition in Colinton at the Dell Exhibition Room. It has been a terrific week sharing the experience with locals, family and friends.

Lockdown impacted my final year at university and I was unable to show the work I made in a physical Degree show. I am delighted to have exhibited the work for the first time within the area of inspiration, Colinton.

My Degree work focused on the Colinton village and its surroundings. I researched into the history and spent time exploring the area to revisit childhood memories and discover new spaces, and objects within the location. Exploring my own memories of the area developed into me discovering the history of the famous poet Robert Louis Stevenson. His poetry captures these moments of fragility, vulnerability and exposure as a young boy, which I found perfectly linked to the narratives and ambiguous atmosphere within my practice. These poems also inspire the titles for my work. Furthermore, I have been influenced by the writing of George Perec who explores the characteristics of an experience of a place in an unordinary way. He underlines the different ways of recording time spent in a place and prompts the ideas of the ways in which to observe a place through playfulness.

I have really enjoyed having conversations with people about the work, particularly hearing their personal stories and connections to the subject matter captured in the pieces. It has been an amazing opportunity to share the work in the local area and I look forward to continuing to do sight specific work and exhibitions in the future.

I would like to say thank you to my family for their support and helping me to hang/take down the exhibition. I would also like to thank Rolf, Moira and Alastair for the opportunity and support throghout the process of the exhibition.

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