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Sketchbook Summer

As usual, I have been very active in my sketchbook over the summer period, sketching in Lisbon, Skye, the West Coast and Edinburgh this year.

I especially love being able to draw in the evenings after work, as a way to wind down and appreciate the beautiful summer evenings.

I have been trying to explore working with a few different materials in my sketchbook, including a lot more colour as this is something I seem to avoid in both large and small scale works unless its a painting! I have been pleased with some of the techniques and enjoyed trying out new things. However, I am still working on trying to worry less about the final outcome and appreciate the process.

I have set my target of doing at least 1 drawing a day in my sketchbook over August- so stayed tuned!

I am extremely excited about my Solo Exhibition happening in a weeks time. Please come along if you are in the area. Details can be found on the poster below:

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