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Reflections 2021

2021 has brought so many exciting opportunities, exhibitions and experiences for me. I am incredibly grateful to all of those whom have made these posssible and have supproted me through the challeneges and highlights of the year. I want to select a few of these amazing moments for my art career below:

Leith School of Art Residency - At the start of the year amongst another lockdown, with a studio to keep busy in and the opportunity to tutor support the painting course, albiet digitally, this was such a fundemental social engagament throughout lockdown. The residency also gave me multiple platforms to extend my artwork in new galleries and spaces. I had two exhibitions with LSA with the final one being a massive highlight of the year. I got to share a large amount of my artwork from throughout the year with friends, family and the public- replacing the Degree Show I never had.

Wells Art Contemporary - Selected as part of the prestigious Wells Art Contemporary Art Exhibition 2021, I could not miss the opportunity to see the exhibition in the flesh. A weekend away exploring the beautiful city of Wells and attending the Private View of the Exhibition was unforgetable. A true privelege to be exhibited alongside so many talented artists and an Antony Gormley installation.

Royal Scottish Academy - I had my first ever exhibition within the Royal Scottish Academy building in October 2021. This was an insane experience as it was a dream of mine to have my work in the space and having exhibited with the RSA twice online it was incredible to finally see work hanging on the wall. The icing on the cake was receiving an award for my drawings, completly unexpected and I am so grateful for this award which give me the chance to make many more drawings!

Tutor and Workshops - I taught my first ever workshops entirely by myself, one in Aberdeen and one at Leith School of Art. These were really important expereinces in giving me the confidence to continue to share my passion for creativity with others through teaching. I am looking forward to developing these expereinces in the New Year.

Paris - A research trip to Paris brought many new inspirations for my artwork and it was such an incredible expereince in itself for me to be able to travel again.

Artist in Residence - I have been extremely enjoying my residency with George Watson's College, which has opened so many new doors for me and I cannot wait to continue the next chapter at the school in 2022.

These are just a few of the many highlights of the year, I am delighted to be continuing my journey as an artist, here's to the next year!

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