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Studio Set Up

The past month has all been about change and settling into new environments. Its been very exciting as I have moved across the city and started my Residency at Leith School of Art for session 20/21.

As part of the residency, I have been provided with a studio based at Custom House, Leith. It is a magnificent building, with large Georgian windows and high ceilings, making an excellent space for artists.

Studio Space

I share the studio with the other graduate in residence and the room has two beautiful windows with north facing light. There is a great community of artists in the building and I am really looking forward to getting to know everyone and their work throughout the year. We are only a 5 minute walk from Leith School of Art, where a very supportive and friendly group of staff and students are set up. It is hoped that we will begin to start giving presentations, tutorials and having conversations with the students, and just getting involved as much as we can!

Plan Chest

I have also been busy writing my proposal for the RSA New Contemporaries Exhibition, and I am really eager to start making the work. Given myself a bit of a challenge! There have been a few other exciting opportunities popping up this month which I am looking forward to working towards, hopefully being able to share them soon!

On the 25th Sept, Gray's School of Art Postgraduate Showcase went live, as a development on from the . I have been fortunate to been part of this new showcase as part of the Creative Entrepreneurship Postgrad Course I took in summer. They have given a section to each artist, designer and creative who completed the course. You can access the showcase through the same link and find 'Creative Entrepreneurship' under the postgraduate section.

Thanks for reading! Catch you next month x

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