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Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Hello & Welcome to my first ever blog post- the beginning of something new! I will be starting my fourth year in September and with a dissertation and degree show ahead of me, I wanted to start writing (something I have always loved doing), recording and reflecting on experiences through blogging.

This post is going to reflect on my recent trip to Prague (07/05/19 – 10/05/19). I was visiting my friend who has been studying there this semester as part of Erasmus. It was lovely to reunite and be back in Prague where we also travelled through last summer together.

Day 1- After dropping bags at the flat and refuelling with food, the day (which began at 3:45am for me) continued as we took a tram into the city centre. We wandered around, revisiting the tourist attractions such as Charles Bridge and the John Lennon Wall. The next stop was the Academy of Fine Arts where my friend studies. Life drawing sessions take place every evening there and I was allowed to take part in the evening class. Life drawing is something I have done plenty of before, but never on such a large scale -2metres! It was a challenge, yet great to try an unaccustomed material, scale and skill of drawing.

Day 2- The sun was shining and we had a lovely walk around the wall of Vysehrad with views across the whole city. Returning to the city centre we hired a pedalo down the Vltava which was so much fun and I would highly recommend to anyone as a way of experiencing the city from a new perspective. The walking tour continued with us visiting the castle, the Stravhov Library, and a tour of the Municipal House which was a beautiful building and great way to learn more about the history of Prague. In the evening we climbed the Metronome and watched over the city at night which was stunning.

Day 3- After yesterday’s 30,000 steps, a day of less walking was required, but by no means less dynamic. We spent the day at The Academy of Fine Arts where my friend taught me Aquatint printmaking. This was a completely new technique for me and I was very privileged to be given the opportunity to learn it. The process is long, pernikety and labour intensive yet the focus, attention to detail and satisfaction of creating unique prints was totally immersive. I am really pleased with my final prints and grateful to have been given the chance to learn the process of making them, particularly in such a prestigious Academy.

Final Aquatint

Day 4- A long day travelling home alone (which is something still quite new to me). Reflecting on my trip to Prague has made me really excited for my future adventures, challenges and experiences which I will undoubtedly share with you all.

Thank you for reading, and hopefully you enjoyed my first post. Feel free to give opinions and any tips for my blog writing.

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