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Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Date: 10 October 2021 Time: 17.40 Location: Cafe De La Mairie, Saint Sulpice I have just taken a short walk from the Musee D'Orsay (rue de Bearune, rue de l'universitie, rue Bonaparte, rue du four, rue des Canettes, Place Saint-Sulpice). I am sitting in the Cafe de La Mairie, a little towards the back in relation to the terrace. I have ordered a cup of tea, and I am going to record what I see, just like Perec did in 1947. Signs I can see:

Blue Parking

Black arrow pointing behind Three green signs indicating directions

A 70. Relatively empty - Porte de Passy.

Blue Scarf.

The Lampost doesn't have anything inside- wonder whether it lights.

The evening sun shining on Eglise Saint-Sulpice.

A 86. The sun disappeared. Lady with a glass of red wine. Trees turning yellow. Pigeons flying.

Two Green bottles, two glasses. White Marquees The Waiters all wear smart dress.

Yellow Satchel.

Chalk boards detailing the menu- if only I understood. Its getting cooler now that the sun is going down. Yet, it reappears on the buildings in a fainter glow. Yellow signs with black arrows.

Hand behind back.

Paving is grey.

Traffic is busy, lots of tooting the horns and raving the engine.

Black and white trippy bag.

A spinning sign with advertisements for the cinema.

Masks. A mask hanging off his ear. A mask round her wrist like a handbag.

Three receipts drop to the ground.

The chimes of the Church tell me it's 6 O'Clock.

A black bike.

Two green bottles and two glasses.

A 63. Pigeons fly into the tree. Spikes sit along the sign for the cafe to stop the pigeons.

A 96. Two silver teapots. Red door with three white signs and orange tape.

Sky is hazy blue and yellow. Girl in yellow jumper.

Faint clouds.

Empty coca-cola bottle.

A 70.

Zone 30.

Advertisement for Forbes and Caudalie.

A 86.

Taxi with red lights. Smell of cigarette smoke.

There are handle bottles of every table. Mine does not work. Two paper bags with one person, one paper bag with the other.

Pink cat balloon with a child, tugging at it, wearing a green jumper. Two people go by on an electric scooter. A 86. A 70. Man carries tray with one glass.

Lady with a plant. Three ladies hysterically laugh.

A man attempts to light his cigarette. Red trousers.

Lady with glass of red wine, almost empty.

A 63.


Lady dressed al in white. More cars toot their horns.

Three empty glasses.

Long white coat and long ochre dress.

Two empty glasses.

Empty tray and cloth taken back inside the cafe. Three plastic bags.

Pigeons flying over the marquee.

Long yellow coat.

A 70. Circle red sign.

Suddenly got quieter, the traffic disappeared.

The sun returns on the Church.

Motorbikes, traffic noises return.

Opening of the red door again.

Girl speaking on the phone.

Man with white and red things on string, for sale.

A 96.


Date: 11 October 2021

Time: 17.20

Location: Cafe De La Mairie, Saint-Sulpice

Weather: Warm. Grey Sky. Dry. Outline of an inventory of some strictly visible things:

-Letters of the alphabet, words: P t an uppercase 'P' which stands for parking.

"Accès pompiers"

-Conventional symbols: arrows under the 'P' of the parking lot signs, one is pointing in the direction of Jardin du Luxembourg.

-Ground: grey paving, sand around trees

A 96.

The Cafe is quieter than yesterday, maybe because today is a Monday. Green sign 24/24. Bus stop: Eglise Saint-Sulpice.

SPECTACLES - sign which spins with adverts on it for the cinema.

Three taxis. One glass green bottle and two glasses.

Red canopy over the outside seating. I sit at the back of the pavement today, in front of the glass. Better view and none looking over my shoulder.

Traffic jam.

Lights go green.

Couple wearing hats, one is a black cap, the other is a patterned bucket hat.

They drink white wine.

A man sits having a coffee on the phone.

A 86.

Motorbikes zoom past. There are a few leaves lying next to the tree trunk. Leaves are green but turning orange.

A 70. Lady in a bright orange jumper with lots of bags. Lady in a long yellow brightly coloured coat. Waiter carries a shiny silver teapot.

Waiter carries two pints for men sitting in leather jackets right next to the road. Sign: Thes Mariage Feres on the canopee. Girls sitting with her laptop and a notebook. Lady with curly hair.

Person with mask round his neck.

Lady is sitting reading the newspaper, something we don't often see.

A lady in a green coat has just sat in the seat in front of me.

Yellow beret in the distance. Empty wine glass. Another empty wine glass.

A 63. Waiter carries a mojito on a tray.

Lady pulling along a suitcase. Woman sitting in front to the left, gets up and leaves. A slender glass remains on her table. Lady with a long green coat and a red scarf is talking to the manager of the cafe. The seats are all in pairs, facing forward. Something I have noticed about all cafes and restaurants.

The sun appears through the clouds and shines on the Church.

A 96. Man pushes a buggy, his hood is up despite no rain.

The sun is getting stronger. Lady in a fur, red coat appears from the cafe. A man appears with some bread.

The man who was on the phone is now looking round, he's wearing a pink skirt. He gets up and leaves.

The seat is now not facing the front.

A Lady is wearing a bright blue top and carrying a white satchel.

Lady in the green coat in front, gets up and leaves. A coffee cup and glass remain. Waiter fixes the chairs. They all face to the front. A 63. A 86.

The pigeons fly down from behind the Church.

Two of the waiters are on the other side of the pavement having a cigarette.

A couple walk past with their dog.

A woman walks past with mask round chin.

Glass smashed on pavement.

A 86.Glass shattered pieces get swept up using long brush a dust pan.

Girl in pink jumper.

Another buggy being pushed past. Manager wearing a many suit fixes the seats again.

The sun fades.

A lady with a pink scarf is smoking a cigarette.

The sun starts to reappear.

Bike goes faster than traffic.

A 70.

A 63.


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